BlackPods or Airpods? Know today what their differences are and what is the best product

This pitched battle between the BlackPods built by several autonomous companies and the legendary Airpods headphones promoted by Apple, from experience, undoubtedly wins the AirPods, although you will be surprised to know the following.

Apple is a legendary company in the market; it has at its disposal products ranging from computers, phones, tablets, and accessories such as AirPods, its approval is very, and despite that in recent years, its quality in products has decreased.
It would be illogical in years ago that this company was won by others in technology. Still, today it is possible and more when BlackPods are taken against their Airpods, their differences are enormous in functionality and price.
Airpods are very beautiful, of that there is no doubt, but their value is very overdrawn, there are higher-end products such as Black Pods and at a lower acquisition price, knowing that, what would you choose? Without thinking, I would take the cheapest ones.
At a very inaccessible price, Apple has lost the battle against BlackPods, while you have an Airpods at $ 160, you can buy up to 3 BlackPods for the price of $ 50, is not it a great deal?
Knowing this, you will have doubts as to why BlackPods are equal to or better than AirPods, well, both hearing aids are wireless, their battery life is similar, although that of the AirPods lasts a little over 4 hours, while BlackPods have a duration of three hours.
Airpods are compatible with all kinds of Android, iOS or Windows devices. Still, it has pairing problems, where its credibility and overvaluation are at stake, because many customers wonder, so expensive and with such simple problems?
The BlackPods do not have pairing problems, on the contrary, it associates very well with all the devices, it does not require as much effort for its mold, and they are cheaper than the Airpods, so it will save time and will not suffer from tantrums.
The final decision is in your hands. Black Pods or Airpods? Take the most feasible and listen to your music with a quality product.