High tensile strength in unflavoured nicotine

The maximum quality nicotine available on the marketplace. Each jar is analyzed in the package, purged argon & sealed within a high tensile toughness, chemical BoPET Mylar pouch for safe storage and transport. Mix Wizard free-base Nicotine100 mg not to immediate use, it needs a dilution. Shake it prior to using please make sure! Consistently prevent skin as nicotine is easily consumed, wear rubber gloves during clean & handling up any spills or pops immediately. Contain the container mix wizard firmly shut, and maintain children & pets out of sight

Unflavored Pot Australia salt is a Substance addict. Highly contaminated or consumed in contact with skin. If on skin: Clean gently with tons of water & soap. If obtained: contact a poison center or immediately require a doctor/physician for medical information. The 100-mg Combination Wizard Nicotine free-base will be in a 100 percent (PG) Propylene Glycol base. We are not offering custom VG / PG bases as of the moment, nor a VG Simply base.


Store your liquid in a cold area, from organic lighting to get longer-lasting nicotine. We suggest a freezer, but when it is not available to children. Both container & the nicotine in it must be disposed of safely by local regulations and governments.

Among many product would be ez mix nicotine that’s a liquid Nicotine get designed to maintain DIY secure! This unflavored nicotine specially Invented for Doublers is excellent for mixing in with your 0 milligrams boosters or of your DIY e-liquid recipe. In Our Pot solution probably contains the highest-grade nicotine only available on the current market, each bottle has been tested in batch, and purged with argon. It works Mix Nicotine at a 1:1 ratio twice the force that you need to vape & insert it upto your doubler.