Procedures to follow when cleaning after renovation.

After the renovation, the new home residents wish to live Comfortably and without a lot of disturbance. But this is not always the case at the face of chaos and dust across your home. Follow the following steps to thoroughly clean your home quickly after having a renovation. Before 裝修後清潔, you should first prepare suitable cleaning appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, rags, water, brooms, mops, detergents, gloves, and paint shovel
Simple Cleansing steps
Once the home renovation job is done, a great deal of Debris is going to be left behind. After the completion of this renovation of this project, perform a thorough cleaning and remove all Clean after renovation (裝修後清潔) the garbage. Additionally, clean the local and surrounding areas such as the floor and wall.

When You’re done cleaning the debris up, prepare the Vacuum cleaner or alternative dust-cleaning tools to secure the whole property. After the renovation job is donedust will likely maintain most corner or small rocks around it. After achieving so cleaning, 1st sweep the dirt on the surface of cabinets, sofas, and other furniture to the bottom. Later, take out the dust and debris from different places such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Afterwards, It’s time to clean up the neighborhood surrounding Areas, and also probably the most commonly encountered spots. The difficult problems after renovation are no greater than the usual couple: subway sand stains, paint, along with latex paint.

Mud sand stains: Sweep the sand away when cleaning, pour An appropriate amount of sand peel over the stains and permit it stay for quite a while, brush it with steel wool, and then wipe it with a sterile cloth.

Cleaning Techniques for paint
Paint and emulsion paint stains will necessarily be abandoned On the walls or the ground throughout the decoration process. After these stains are sterile , they can’t be cleaned using a rag. Sand-paper or blades are all demanded.
When the stains following the job are not treated Immediately, it will become difficult to clean up after a long time, therefore 裝修後清潔 is quite important.